About Us

Most Optimised Platform for Trade Finance Assets

Business continue to faces constraints in obtaining adequate finance, particularly to convert trade and account receivable into liquid funds. 
Klathrate provides a real time electronic Marketplace where companies list their accounts receivables for sale (auctioning of invoices) and accredited financial institutions and Investors compete to provide the most amount of cash against the receivables.
 Using the Marketplace (when they want to), Companies large or small have quick access to competitive capital sources anywhere in the world by selling their invoices at a discount. The creation of a centralised marketplace for market participants to list and sell receivables efficiently creates attractive new business possibilities for corporate buyers and sellers alike. The objective is to give suppliers the cash flow that small companies need while allowing large corporations with aggressive treasury investment operations to hold onto cash longer. All the while giving marketplace to Banks, Financial Institutions and other Investors to invest in verified bills.

Through its leading technology platform and a diverse and flexible pool of capital, our transaction-based marketplace provides a transparent platform to deliver best price execution for Trade Finance assets. The marketplace is open to all participants including large corporations, banks, asset managers, hedge funds, insurers and family offices to trade risk and to invest in the Trade Finance asset class. Our seller base is diverse and deep with credits from the largest global companies. Sellers view Klathrate as a free, strategic option for liquidity as well as balance sheet and risk management. Financiers leverage the Klathrate marketplace as the most efficient way to buy Trade Finance assets. Diverse pool of Financiers provides more flexible financing.

Klathrate is free to join; our transaction fee is designed to position us as the lowest cost provider of capital.